Model Show and Contest

October 5, 2024

In the next few weeks, we’ll have more information on the categories and event. If you are interested in sponsoring or vending, please contact the contest chairman, Mark Gerges at [email protected].

Special Theme for 2024: The Bronze Age of Modeling

The purpose of this special theme is to take a trip back to the model kits and techniques of yesteryear.  Therefore, kits considered for this award must meet the following:

–Original molds must be from 1980 or earlier.  The Product Timeline at for the kits will be used to determine this.  The kit must be listed as “New Tool” from 1980 or sooner, OR be listed as “New Box,” “Rebox,” or “New Decals” from a kit that was originally “New Tool” from 1980 or sooner.  If it is listed as “New Parts” after 1980, it is not eligible.

–Build must follow the IPMS “Basic Kit Build” rules.  This means that they must only use the parts that came in the box, and the kit must be a single-media kit (that is, all polystyrene, or all resin.)  Kits with various other materials included (such as cast resin, photo-etched, or turned metal) will not be allowed, with the following exceptions:  kit-supplied vacuform windows, windscreens, or canopies;  kit-supplied rubber or vinyl tires, polycaps, or tracks; and metal gearboxes or axles.

–Kits must be built out of the box.  This means that parts from other kits may not be added.  It is permitted to fill seams and gaps;  sand off rivets;  drill out gun ports, exhaust pipes, or other appropriate openings;  thin-to-scale such parts as trailing edges, flaps, and doors;  rescribe panel lines lost in construction;  and add rigging and antennas IF shown in the kit’s instructions.  Note:  Although rigging, antennas, etc., may be depicted on the box art or photo, they are not allowed to be added unless they are specified in the instructions.  No major reconstruction or modifications, such as cutting or separating canopies, surfaces, hatches, doors, etc. is allowed.  Kit decals may be replaced by any two-dimensional decals;  3D decals (such as rivets, etc.) are not allowed.  Weathering (but not surgery) and Bare Metal Foil are allowed.  Flocking (such as car upholstery) is not allowed.

–The kit’s complete instruction sheet(s) must be presented with the model.