Contest today!

20140920_100935Everything is going well, with the vendor room full and the models and modelers coming in. Hope to see you here at the Heritage Center.

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IPMS Prison City Model Contest, 20 September

Well, it is finally here!  Our annual model show at the Heritage Center, 109 Delaware Street in Leavenworth is this Saturday, 20 September.  Doors open for registration at 9:00 a.m. and registration closes at 12:00.  Judging is from 12:00 to 2:45, and then the awards presentation is at 3:00 p.m.

We’ll have vendors, a raffle going throughout the day, and the Heritage Center is cooking food and pies for those who don’t want to leave for lunch.  The Heritage Center is located in downtown Leavenworth, and there are numerous restaurants within walking distance.  For those coming with a spouse, next door is the CW Parker Carousel Museum, and not one but TWO new sewing shops, opened within the last month on our main street.

There is a bicycle race beginning at 8:00 nearby and last year much of the parking directly across the street was full in the early morning but there are numerous other lots within a one block radius.  The bike racers are an early morning bunch, and the lots emptied out by 9:30.

Hope to see you all there.  Remember, this year’s special theme is the Great War.

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Weekend Build Project

Doing a weekend build of an old F-19 Stealth Fighter kit from Testors.  It does not seem very complicated.  It just the right kind of model for a weekend build.  Helps improve the modeling skills, but it will never see the light of day at a show.

Well the expected simple weekend build is now a week long build. The kit is a little old however the frustration is that some of the parts have lots of excess to sand or trim off and key parts like the landing gear do not line up. The part it self match but the scribeF19LandGear lines and panel marks are off. Not by much but enough to notice if you really look close. Also some parts are just placed on the model with no alignment marks or guide pegs. With all that said it is a simple build, in the fact you can build a section or sub element and assembly them later.


Old F-19 Model

Old F-19 Model

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Finished the P-40 B I was working on. Over all a nice build. P-40B


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Updated Newsletters and in-progress build

The newsletter archive has been updated with missing newsletters from 2011, 2013, and all of 2014 uploaded.  These are the monthly newsletters we send to our members.  If you would like to get on our email list, please drop me a line.

You’ll notice that we are missing some newsletters.  These are either in between editors and no newsletter was published, or I didn’t keep a copy.  If you have one of the missing issues, please send me a copy.

Also, if you have been following along with Curt Pangracs’ build of the M2A3 Bradley, he’s placed more photos and narrative of where he is on the build.  Enjoy!


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Chapter meeting, 18 June

Well, despite our meeting day being the 199th anniversary of Wellington’s defeat of Napoleon at Waterloo, somehow we Bonapartists will pull ourselves together for our monthly chapter meeting.

We have a lot going on.  Doug Hall will do the demo on his using paperclips to reinforce plastic pieces, and we’ll be discussing the various contests that our club members went to over the last few weeks and their results.  We’ll also discuss our contest, and nail down some final details.  And don’t forget to bring those models you are working on, or just completed– we love to see other modelers’ work and get some inspiration.

You may also notice a few minor changes to the website as I play with the format to improve its readability.  We have also added a work in progress build log by Curt Pangracs as he works on Meng’s new M2A3 Bradley.

Hope to see you all at the meeting!

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Meeting reminder, 19 March

The Prison City Model Club will be having its monthly meeting on Wednesday, 19 March at 7:00 pm.  We’ll be having it at our normal location, the Leavenworth Public Library. We’ll discuss the Great Plains/AMPS contest this past weekend, show off our projects under construction, and we’ll even be having a demo on using the dot filter technique. Hope you can join us!

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KC Con 2014 around the corner

Hello all, just a quick reminder that KC Con 2014 is coming up this Saturday, 15 March.  The location is the Kansas City First Church of the Nazarene on 11811 State Line Road. This is being co-hosted by KCAMPS, so armor models will be judged by AMPS rules while all others will be by the normal IPMS method.   Registration begins at 0900, and more information can be found on their webpage at

Good luck to all who go, and bring back some photos!


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Leavenworth yard sale with 200+ models

Just got word from one of our members that there will be a yard sale tomorrow, 2 November, at 1701 Vilas in Leavenworth.  Doors open at 8:00 a.m., and there is supposed to be more than 200 unbuilt kits for sale.

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Contest Result published

Hello all, the 2013 contest results page is now live.  Thanks for all the modelers who came to our show and made it a success.  Here’s the link to the page.  If I’ve spelled any names incorrectly, please let me know.

Save the date– the date for the 2014 contest is 20 September at the same location in downtown Leavenworth (pending our IPMS region’s final approval).




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