Special Contest Theme 2017 : 1967


From Vietnam to the Six Day War to Detroit muscle cars, 1967 was an iconic year, and our special theme will be  models representative of the era.  With PzKpfw IVs in Syria, T-34s in Egypt, M-3 and M4s in Israel to the most modern vehicles and aircraft, 1967 saw the transition from the last of the WWII era vehicles to the height of the Cold War.

Get building!

Judges will be available during check-in to help make decisions on whether the model qualifies for the special category.

All decisions by the head judge whether a model meets the criteria are final. Models will still compete in their original category.

2017: 1967

2016: The Communist Bloc


2014- World War I

2013 – Fabulous Fifties

2012 – Horse of a Different Color

2011 – Operation Desert Shield/ Desert Storm


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