Leavenworth Model Contest 2017 Categories

Leavenworth Model Club categories


This is the list as of  16 August 2017.  The club reserves the decision to split categories on the day of the contest.

You can download a copy of these categories here: PCM 2016-categories (same as last year’s except for the special theme).


  • Note:  In Aircraft (except Biplanes):
  • 1/144 refers to scales 1/87 and smaller  1/72 refers to scales 1/86 to 1/60
  • 1/48 refers to scales 1/59 to 1/40           1/32 refers to scales 1/39 and larger
  • UAVs will go into their respective aircraft categories based on number and types of engines and scale.
 A-1:  Biplanes (and others that are predominantly fabric, struts, and rigging), all scales

A-2:  Single Engine Propeller Driven, 1/48 scale—All Propeller Aircraft categories include props, turboprops, and gliders.

Sponsored by IPMS Great Plains

A-3:  Single Engine Jet Powered, 1/48 scale—All Jet Aircraft categories include manned, rocket-powered aircraft (such as the Me-163, X-1, X-15, X-24, etc.) and winged aircraft-type missiles (such as the V-1.)

A-4:  Multi-Engine Aircraft, 1/48 scale

A-5:  1/72 Scale Prop Driven Aircraft

Sponsored by IPMS Fort Crooks

A-6:  1/72 Scale Jet Powered Aircraft

A-7 1/32 Scale Aircraft

A-8:  1/144 Scale Aircraft

A-9 Civilian Aircraft, All Scales –Go by the markings.  If an aircraft has military markings, it goes in that category.  Models of CIA, NASA, Treasury Dept, and other government-marked (but non-military-marked) and operated aircraft will normally be placed within the Civil Aircraft categories.  Those with combined civil and military markings (e.g. NASA band and USAF titles) likewise will usually be placed in Civil Aircraft categories.

A-10 Rotary Wing, All Scales-including aircraft with fixed wings and rotors, such as the V-22 Osprey or autogyros.


B-1:  Armored Fighting Vehicles, closed top, 1953 and earlier—Armored Fighting Vehicles include Tanks, Assault Guns, Self-Propelled Artillery, and Personnel Carriers.

sponsored by IPMS Central Missouri

B-2:  Armored Fighting Vehicles, closed top, post-1953

B-3:  Armored Fighting Vehicles, open top, 1953 and earlier—If hatches are open that reveal an interior (either kit-provided or scratch built), or if the vehicle doesn’t have a top, then it goes in the “open top” category.

sponsored by IPMS West Central Missouri Show Me State Modelers

B-4:  Armored Fighting Vehicles, open top, post-1953

B-5:  Towed Artillery, Missiles, and Rail-mounted Guns—When a missile’s transport vehicle or launcher is the predominant portion of the system (e.g. Patriot or SCUD) the model will be entered in this Armor category.

B-6:  Armored Half-tracks and Wheeled Armored Vehicles—Open or closed top.

B-7:  Soft Skin Military Vehicles—Including Trucks, Jeeps, Unarmored Half-Tracks, and Motorcycles

B-8:  Small Scale Military Vehicles—Includes all military vehicles 1/60 scale or smaller


(NOTE:  If it has military markings, it doesn’t go in any of these categories—except in the case of obviously non-military vehicles like the Red Baron Hot Rod.)

C-1:  Replica Stock—Normal production vehicles as they were when they left the factory (but not necessarily a new car.)  All details must replicate a normal production vehicle.  Aging and weathering are permitted.

C-2:  Street Rods and Street Machines—Vehicles that display a stock or nearly-stock production body with modified or enhanced engine, chassis, and interior.

sponsored by the KC Slammers

C-3:  Custom Auto—Vehicles with a modified body.  Could be frenched headlights, different bumpers, chopped tops, stretching, shortening, or reshaping / replacing major body parts.

sponsored by the KC Slammers

C-4:  Curbside—Vehicles which do not employ an opening hood, doors, or trunk, and are not meant to display engine or chassis detail.  Judged as if parked at the curb, without access to the underside.

C-5:  Motorcycles—2 or 3-wheeled vehicles.

C-6:  Competition—Any car marked as a racecar.

C-7:  Miscellaneous—Any vehicle that does not fit any other automotive category (such as fire trucks or bulldozers.)


D-1:  Humans (Mounted or Unmounted), 54mm and Smaller

D-2:  Humans (Mounted or Unmounted), Larger than 54mm

D-3:  Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Monsters

D-4:  Busts


E-1:  Space and Sci-Fi, all scales—Military launch vehicles (e.g. V-2, ICBM, IRBM), civilian launch vehicles (e.g. Scout, Saturn), and military launch vehicles modified for civil missions (e.g. Atlas/Agena, Jupiter C) will be entered in the Space and Sci-Fi category.


F-1:  1/350 Scale and Larger

Sponsored by IPMS Central Missouri

F-2:  1/351 Scale and Smaller

F-3 : Submarines, all scales


Note:  Bases will be allowed in all categories and will not be considered in the judging except in the Dioramas-Class categories.  A base may be a piece of undecorated wood, plastic or glass or it may simulate the natural surface on which the prototype would be found; however, nothing other than that surface may be used.  Aircraft and military vehicles may rest on simulated ground or paving, and aircraft that need beaching gear or dollies may be so equipped.  Ships may be displayed in water (no drydocks).  The base must not be the predominant feature of the entry and must be of a size proportionate to the model.  The Contest Chairman and Judges reserve the right to exclude oversize bases.  The model may include primary crew figures.  The addition of any other figures or equipment outside or not attached to, the model (e.g. support equipment, shell splashes, or buildings) will make the model a Diorama, which must then be entered in the proper Diorama category.  Dioramas are judged not only on the technical merit of their construction but also on the strength of the theme or story they present, so that if two dioramas were technically equal the one having the stronger theme or story would win.

G-1:  Small Composition Dioramas—(Single (or no) vehicle, no more than five figures)

G-2:  Large Composition Dioramas—(2 or more vehicles, and/or more than five figures)

H:  JUNIORS (Age 17 and under)

H-1:  all models, all scales

J:  Miscellaneous

J-1:  All scales—Anything that doesn’t fit the above categories.  Models primarily made from medium other than plastic may be placed in either this category or their “normal” category (builder’s choice.)

Best of Show Aircraft

Sponsored by IPMS Central Missouri

Best of Show Armor

Sponsored by IPMS Fort Crook

Best of Show Automotive

Best of  Show Ships

Best of Show Figures

People’s Choice Award

Chosen by the attendees at the September contest by secret  ballot.

Best Theme Award– 1967

To qualify for the special contest theme, the model must represent a vehicle from 1967, either year of production or by markings.  For example,  a ’67 Chevelle would obviously fit, but so would a T-34/85 painted in Egyptian markings from the Six Day War.

See the special theme page for more details:

All decisions by the head judge whether a model meets the criteria are final. 

Models in this “special” category also compete in the appropriate category as well.  Judges will base their decision primarily off of normal, basic construction techniques as outlined by IPMS but will also take into consideration how well the subject represents the Communist Bloc.

Judges Grand Award


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