Contest Rules

Contest Rules

IPMS Prison City Modelers uses the IPMS rules with the following modifications:

as of 11 September, 2017

Subject: Contest Rules for Prison City Contest, 16 September, 2017

All entries must be the sole work of the person who enters the model(s)

Because this event is an IPMS sanctioned event and IPMS rules are used, the concept of judging using the Basic Construction Guidelines, explained in the IPMS/USA Competition Handbook. This Handbook can be found at the IPMS/USA web site and downloaded as a PDF.

Models that have previously won at an IPMS Regional or IPMS National Convention level are not eligible to enter our contest.

Models that have placed (first, second, or third) in past Prison City Model Club contests can not be entered in this or future Prison City Model Club contests.

No entrant may win more than one award (first, second, or third) in any particular category.

Regarding what category your model(s) should be placed in, the Head Judge will determine the category and class of all entries. Although the Head Judge will try to leave an entry in the category where the entrants wishes, that decision as the final location of the entry rests with the Head Judge. All decisions of the Head Judge are final.

All modelers are encouraged to enter our contest. It is not necessary to be a member of any club or any modeling organization, such as IPMS, to be eligible to enter this contest.

As to how the Judges determine winning models in the competition, the basic IPMS-USA guidelines, as mentioned above are emphatically emphasized. And at this IPMS sanctioned event, Basic Construction is the most important aspect of judging. It supersedes a great paint job, or an entry displaying a high degree of difficulty.

Judging of each category will be conducted by qualified individuals. No judge is allowed to judge in a category where they have entered a model in competition. Judges have no friends while judging, and will be unbiased and professional in manner.

Models may be displayed on a base of reasonable size. Bases will not be considered in the judging of any category except Dioramas/vignette. Any entry that, by virtue of its base or setting, is determined by the Head Judge, to depict a story or a theme, must be entered in the Diorama/vignette category.

A Junior modeler is an individual that is the age of 17 or younger. However, a Junior is allowed to enter in the adult categories if they wish to do so.

Models entered in this contest are the responsibility of the individual who entered them. And the Prison City Model Club assumes NO LIABILITY for them.

Special Theme Category:

Models in this “special” category also compete in the appropriate category as well. Judges will base their decision primarily off of normal, basic construction techniques as outlined by IPMS but will also take into consideration how well the subject represents the year 1967.

For a full copy of the national rules, see: Rules

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    1. Mike, the head judge says as as long as the model in question has never placed in an IPMS sponsored event at a level higher than a local contest, you can enter it for your friend.

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