2017 IPMS Prison City Modelers Contest Results

Thank you to all who came out and made our 16 September show a success.  This year, we had  44 modelers with 164 models.

as of 27 September 2017:


A-1:  Biplanes

  • 1st place: JW Dirkse, Arco DH-2
  • 2nd place: Paul Kester, Rulan CII
  • 3rd place: Ross Petra, HS-123B

A-2:  Single Engine Propeller Driven, 1/48 scale

Sponsored by IPMS Great Plains, KC

  • 1st place: Kelly Quirk, P-40 N Warhawk
  • 2nd place: Justin Carlson, Hellcat, MK II
  • 3rd place: JW Dirkse, Polikarpov I-16 Type 24

A-3:  Single Engine Jet Powered, 1/48 scale

  • 1st place: Kelly Quirk, F8E Crusader
  • 2nd place: Greg Vanderstel, Bachem Natter
  • 3rd place: Charlie Williams, RAF Harrier

A-4:  Multi-Engine Aircraft, 1/48 scale

  • 1st place: Kelly Quirk, F/A 18E Super Hornet
  • 2nd place: Justin Carlson, F-14
  • 3rd place: Scott Hackney, F-14A Tomcat
  • Honorable mention: Darren Roberts, F4B Phantom

 A-5:  1/72 Scale Prop Driven Aircraft

Sponsored by IPMS Fort Crook, Omaha, NE

  • 1st place: Paul Kester, CANT-Z  50G
  • 2nd place: Chris Barton, A6M2 Zero

A-6:  1/72 Scale Jet Powered Aircraft

  • 1st place: Chris Barton, F-105D
  • 2nd place: JW Dirkse, F8E Crusader
  • 3rd place: John Lanning, L-29 Delfin

A-7 1/32 Scale Aircraft

  • 1st place: Bill Pettyjohn, P-39Q
  • 2nd place: Greg Vanderstel, Bachem Natter
  • 3rd place: Jarrod Booth, Hawker Hunter

A-8 1/144 scale Aircraft

  • 1st place: Jarrod Booth, Boeing E767
  • 2nd place: Shane Curtis, SU-34
  • Ron Denning, XB-70

A-9 Civilian Aircraft, All Scales

  • No entries

A-10:  Rotary Wing, All Scales

  • 1st place: Jarrod Booth, CV-22 Osprey
  • 2nd place: Chris Barton, AH-1W
  • 3rd place: Ron Denning, Ah-1 Cobra


B-1:  Armored Fighting Vehicles, closed top, 1953 and earlier

Sponsored by IPMS Central Missouri, Columbia, MO 

  • 1st place: Chris Searing, Mark V Hermaphrodite
  • 2nd place: Jeff Pervier, JS-3
  • 3rd place: Paul Dutot, Russian KV-1e

B-2:  Armored Fighting Vehicles, closed top, post-1953

  • 1st place: Scott Johnson, Iraqi Engima
  • 2nd place: Richard Fischer, M48A3
  • 3rd place: Jeff Pervier, AMX-30 B2
  • Honorable Mention: Paul Reeb, M51

B-3:  Armored Fighting Vehicles, open top, 1953 and earlier

Sponsored by IPMS West Central Missouri, MO

  • 1st place: Jeff Cadenhead, T-34/85

B-4:  Armored Fighting Vehicles, open top, post-1953
No entries

B-5:  Towed Artillery, Missiles, and Rail-mounted Guns

  • 1st place: Jeff Pervier, B4 Howitzer
  • 2nd place: Ross Petra, 10.5 cm LFH 18
  • 3rd place: Ed Burgess, Skoda 30.5 cm M1916 siege gun

B-6:  Armored Half-tracks and Wheeled Armored Vehicles

  • 1st place: Curt Pangracs, M1128 Stryker MGS
  • 2nd place: David Smith, Panzerspahwagen P204F
  • 3rd place: Joachim Lotz, AMC-90
  • Honorable Mention: Ed Burgess, Panhard 178

B-7:  Soft Skin Military Vehicles

  • 1st place: David Smith, SIMCA-5
  • 2nd place: Paul Kester, M37 3/4 Cargo Truck
  • 3rd place: John Casey, WWI Ambulance

B-8:  Small Scale Military Vehicles

  • 1st place: Curt Pangracs, M1126 Stryker ICV
  • 2nd place: David Smith, Panzer G
  • 3rd place: Joachim Lotz, King tiger
  • Honorable Mention: James Finneran, T-72


C-1:  Replica Stock

  • 1st place: Paul Kester, ’53 Ford Crestline Victoria

C-2:  Street Rods and Street Machines

Sponsored by IPMS-Kansas City Slammers, KC

  • 1st place: Alyn Loya, ’29 Ford Pickup
  • 2nd place: Shane Curtis, ’67 Chevelle, 2dr HT

C-3:  Custom Auto
Sponsored by IPMS-Kansas City Slammers, KC

  • No entries

C-4:  Curbside

  • No entries

C-5:  Motorcycles
No entries

C-6:  Competition

  • 1st place: Bill Barker, 1967 Chaparral 2D

C-7:  Miscellaneous

  • 1st place: Alyn Loya, ’57 Chevy Convertible
  • 2nd place: Frank Holsburg, ’50 Chevy pickup


D-1:  Humans (Mounted or Unmounted), 54mm and Smaller

  • 1st place: Jim Finneran, 28mm Pirate
  • 2nd place: Brooks Lyles, 54mm Virginia Infantryman

D-2:  Humans (Mounted or Unmounted), Larger than 54mm

  • 1st place: Brooks Lyles, 75mm Continental Dragoon
  • 2nd place: Alyn Loya, 1/6 Visible Man

D-3:  Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Monsters

  • 1st place: Chelsea Delaughter, 25mm Lizard man
  • 2nd place: Paul Kester, 1/16 Spock vs Serpent
  • 3rd place: Ron Denning, Robby the Robert

D-4:  Busts

  • 1st place: Paul Sarbacker, Hannibal Barca
  • 2nd place: Charles Williams, Blackula


E-1:  Space and Sci-Fi, all scales, 

Sponsored by Atlantis Models

  • 1st place: Charles Williams, BB-8 Droid
  • 2nd place: James Finneran, Warhammer Rhino APC “Sat-Com”
  • 3rd place: Chris Searing, M65A1 MBT
  • Honorable Mention: Ed Burgess, undersea pick-up


F-1:  1/350 Scale and Larger

Sponsored by IPMS Central Missouri, Columbia, MO

  • 1st place: Richard Sliwka, USS Miami
  • 2nd place: Jim Finneran, Russian Riverboat

F-2:  1/351 Scale and Smaller

  • 1st place: Richard Sliwka, USS Denver
  • 2nd place: James Finneran, Ironclad CSS Nashville
  • 3rd place: Darren Roberts, USS Enterprise

F-3 Naval, Submarines, All Scales

  • 1st place: Ron Denning, IJN UI-53
  • 2nd place: Richard Sliwka, USS Halibut
  • 3rd place: Joachim Lotz, USS Greenville


G-1:  Small Composition Dioramas

Sponsored by IPMS MOSS, Branson, MO

  • 1st place: Randy Fields, Calling in an Airstrike
  • 2nd place: Charles Williams, Yesterday.
  • 3rd place: John T Casey, WWI British Patrol

G-2:  Large Composition Dioramas

  • 1st place: Bob Rielly, Israeli Sherman
  • 2nd place: Joseph Hrenchir, Christmas mass, Ardennes

H:  JUNIORS (Age 17 and under)

  • 1st place: Paul Curtis, G4M Betty

J:  Miscellaneous

  • 1st place: Charles Williams, Navy UCAV X-47B
  • 2nd place: Ed Burgess, Ox Cart

Best of Show Aircraft

Sponsored by IPMS Central Missouri
Arco DH-2 JW Dirkse

Best of Show Military Vehicles

Sponsored by IPMS Fort Crook
Iraqi Enigma, Scott Johnson

Best of Show Automotive

Sponsored by Great Plains Distribution
’57 Chevy Convertible, Alyn Loya

Best of Show Ships

Sponsored by Revell

USS Miami, Richard Sliwka

Best of Show Figures

Sponsored by Tru-Color Paints

Hannibal Barcu Bust, Paul Saarbacker

People’s Choice Award

P-39Q, Bill Pettyjohn

Best Theme Award– 1967, Fifty Years Later

Sponsored by IPMS Moss, Branson, MO

Israeli Sherman Diorama, Bob Rielly

Judges Grand Award

Arco DH-2, JW Dirkse

Judges’ Raffle

Beginning in 2015, the IPMS Prison City Modelers decided to enter all out of chapter judges who assist us in judging our contest into a raffle for a gift certificate to Sprue Brothers, Liberty, MO.  This year’s winning judge was:

John Marshall-Potter
We would like to thank all the others who assisted in the judging.


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