2016 IPMS Prison City Modelers contest results

Thank you to all who came out and made our 17 September show a success.  There were 58 modelers with 212 models.

as of 27 September 2016:


A-1:  Biplanes

  • 1st place: Gary Ruhnke, 1908 Antoinette
  • 2nd place: John T. Casey, SG38 Schugleiber
  • 3rd place: Paul Kester, I-153 Chaika
  • Honorable mention: Hugh Palmer, Fokker D-VII

A-2:  Single Engine Propeller Driven, 1/48 scale

  • 1st place: Kelly Quirk, SR2C-4 Helldiver
  • 2nd place: Bill Pettyjohn, Seiran Floatplane
  • 3rd place: Justin Carlson, FG1-D Corsair

A-3:  Single Engine Jet Powered, 1/48 scale

  • 1st place: Kelly Quirk, F-16C Arctic Bandit
  • 2nd place: Art Miller, F86D Sabre
  • 3rd place: Justin Carlson, QF-16 Victim Viper

A-4a: (contest split)  Multi-Engine Aircraft, 1/48 scale, Post-WWII

  • 1st place: Alan Millsap, F5E Tiger II
  • 2nd place: Frank Holsburg, MIG-21UB
  • 3rd place: Rodney Shakelford, T-4 Trainer
  • Honorable mention: Larry Hrenchir, DC-130E

 A-4b: (contest split)  Multi-Engine Aircraft, 1/48 scale, WWII

  • 1st place: Bill Pettyjohn, Wellington MK1C
  • 2nd place: Art Miller, Lockheed P-38
  • 3rd place: Frank Holsburg, Shuitei III Ki-46
  • Honorable mention: Hugh Palmer, BF-110

A-5:  1/72 Scale Prop Driven Aircraft

  • 1st place: JW Dirkse, Bertev BE-6 Madge
  • 2nd place: Bill Pettyjohn, JU-52
  • 3rd place: John T Casey, AN2 Colt
  • Honorable Mention:Joseph Hrenchir, RB-36

A-6:  1/72 Scale Jet Powered Aircraft

  • 1st place: Alan Milsap, SU-27 Flanker
  • 2nd place: Paul Kester, Saab J212
  • 3rd place: Joseph Hrenchir, TU-22 Blinder

A-7 1/32 Scale Aircraft

  • 1st place: Steve Siebers, F4U-1 Cosair
  • 2nd place: Jeff Cadenhead, DeHaviland Mosquito
  • 3rd place: Jarrod Booth, Spitfire MKIIa

A-8 1/144 scale Aircraft

  • 1st place: Shelby Seelinger, Jr, CAF Lancaster

A-9 Civilian Aircraft, All Scales

  • 1st place: JW Dirske, JU-52
  • 2nd place: Gary Ruhnke, Martin M-130 China Clipper
  • 3rd place: Art Miller, Bob Hoover’s Mustang

A-10:  Rotary Wing, All Scales

  • 1st place: Kelly Quirk, UH-1Y Vietnam
  • 2nd place: Jarrod Booth, Westland SeaKing HC-4
  • 3rd place: Steve Rosario, UH-34


B-1a: (contest split) Armored Fighting Vehicles, closed top, 1953 and earlier: Western Allies

  • 1st place: Art Miller, M4 Sherman
  • 2nd place: Terry Barrow, FT-17
  • 3rd place: Alan Millsap, M4a8E2 Sherman Jumbo

B-1b: (contest split) Armored Fighting Vehicles, closed top, 1953 and earlier: all others

  • 1st place: Scott Johnson, Jagdpanzer IV
  • 2nd place: Art Miller, Panther G
  • 3rd place: Paul Reeb, PAK 3.7cm on a Renault UE

B-2:  Armored Fighting Vehicles, closed top, post-1953

  • 1st place: Jeff Cadenhead, Tiran-6
  • 2nd place: Paul Dutot, Achzapit Israeli APC
  • 3rd place: Scott Johnson, UAE BMP-3

B-3:  Armored Fighting Vehicles, open top, 1953 and earlier

  • 1st place: Jeff Christensen, M8 howitzer motor carriage
  • 2nd place: Ross Petra, Marder IIIm
  • 3rd place: David Smith, Marder III

B-4:  Armored Fighting Vehicles, open top, post-1953

  • No entries

B-5:  Towed Artillery, Missiles, and Rail-mounted Guns

  • 1st place: David Smith, Flak 88
  • 2nd place: Ed Burgess, Gecko OSA SA-8
  • 3rd place: Shelby Seelinger, 54cm Morser Siege Gun

B-6:  Armored Half-tracks and Wheeled Armored Vehicles

  • 1st place: Terry Barrow, SDKFZ 250 Grief
  • 2nd place: Jeff Christensen, SDKFZ 223
  • 3rd place: David Smith, M20 Armored Car

B-7:  Soft Skin Military Vehicles

  • 1st place: Art Miller, GMC Gun Truck
  • 2nd place: Terry Barrow, SAS Jeep
  • 3rd place: Ross Petra, Kettenkraftrad

B-8:  Small Scale Military Vehicles

  • 1st place: Tom Pitts, M26 Pershing
  • 2nd place: JW Dirkse, SLT50-3 Elephant and Panzerhaubitze 2000
  • 3rd place: David Smith, M4A3 Sherman


C-1:  Replica Stock

  • 1st place: Dan Cozine, Pontiac Ventura
  • 2nd place: Paul Kester, ’58 Edsel
  • 3rd place: David Johnson, ’57 Ford Sunliner

 C-2:  Street Rods and Street Machines

  • 1st place: Dan Conzine, ’36 Chevy Coupe
  • 2nd place: David Johnson, ’32 Ford Roadster pick-up
  • 3rd place: Charles Carle, ’69 Chevy Nova
  • Honorable Mention: Brian Aldredge, ’68 Camaro

C-3:  Custom Auto

Sponsored by IPMS-MOSS Branson

  • 1st place: Jerry Mounce, ’50 Ford Custom
  • 2nd place: Brian Aldridge, ’64 Impala

C-4:  Curbside

  • 1st place: Charlie Carle, ’57 Ford
  • 2nd place: Jerry Mounce, Fireball 500
  • 3rd place: David Johnson, 2015 Mustang

C-5:  Motorcycles

  • No entries

C-6:  Competition

Sponsored by IPMS- KC Slammers

  • 1st place: Dan Cozine, 2013 pro-stock Camaro
  • 2nd place: Paul Kester, Audi Rio TDI
  • 3rd place: David Johnson, Dodge Dakota pro-stock pick-up
  • Honorable Mention: Jeff Christensen, 2001 Taurus NASCAR

C-7:  Miscellaneous

  • 1st place: Dan Cozine, Monsters Dragula
  • 2nd place: Charlie Carle, Ecto-1
  • 3rd place: Ed Burgess, ’29 Model A Woody


D-1:  Humans (Mounted or Unmounted), 54mm and Smaller

  • 1st place: Gary Ruhnke, English Archer 54mm
  • 2nd place: Bob Rielly, US Paratrooper
  • 3rd place: Ed Burgess, Seated man in yellow boots

D-2:  Humans (Mounted or Unmounted), Larger than 54mm

  • 1st place: Gary Ruhnke, Napoleonic Rifleman
  • 2nd place: Brooks Lyles, Rifleman, Hall’s Battalion
  • 3rd place: Chriss Harper, Cowboy
  • Honorable Menition: Bob Rielly, US Marine

D-3:  Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Monsters

  • 1st place: Gary Rhunke, Capricorn Zodiac Warrior
  • 2nd place: Paul Kester, Flash Gordon
  • 3rd place: Matt Jacobsen, Darwin from SeaQuest
  • Honorable Mention: Rick Cockrum, The Relic

D-4:  Busts

  • 1st place: Paul Sarbacker, Hindenburg
  • 2nd place: Chriss Harper, Dog Soldier
  • 3rd place: Bob Rielly, US Ranger


E-1a:  contest split: Space and Sci-Fi, all scales, 12” long or less

  • 1st place: Alan Milsap, TIE Fighter
  • 2nd place: Matt Jacobson, Aerial H/K police vehicle
  • 3rd place: Steve Rosario, USS Enterprise NCC-1701

E-1b:  contest split: Space and Sci-Fi, all scales, greater than 12” long

  • 1st place: Jason Jones, USS Enterprise (Star Trek TMD)
  • 2nd place: Matt Jacobson, Red 5- X wing design
  • 3rd place: Ed Burgess, Voyager 1


F-1:  1/350 Scale and Larger

  • 1st place: Richard Sliwka, USS PCS-1386 subchaser
  • 2nd place: Hugh Palmer, BB63 USS Missouri
  • 3rd place: John T Casey, M.T.M Barchino Speedboat

F-2:  1/351 Scale and Smaller

  • 1st place: Richard Sliwka, USS Mahan
  • 2nd place: Rodney Shackelford, Soviet Typhoon class submarine
  • 3rd place: Alan Millsap, Japanese cruiser Mikuma


G-1:  Small Composition Dioramas

Sponsored by IPMS MOSS, Branson, MO

  • 1st place: Paul Reeb, British Paratroopers
  • 2nd place: Gary Ruhnke, German sniper.
  • 3rd place: Bob Rielly, US Marine

G-2:  Large Composition Dioramas

  • 1st place: Mark Gerges, SU-100 with assault infantry

H:  JUNIORS (Age 17 and under)

  • 1st place: Shelby Christianson, 1956 Ford F-100
  • 2nd place: Garret Matcheck, BF109E
  • 3rd place: Curtis Barrow, Back to the Future
  • Honorable mention: Paul Curtis, M-56 Scorpion
  • Honorable mention: Kristen Smith, Ford Raptor

J:  Miscellaneous

  • 1st place: Ed Burgess, Spark mine roller
  • 2nd place: Art Miller, USAF service cart
  • 3rd place: Matt Jacobson, Battlestar Galactica Viper

Best of Show Aircraft

Sponsored by Great Planes Distribution

 Kelly Quirk, F-16C Arctic Bandit

Best of Show Military Vehicles

Sponsored by IPMS MOSS, Branson

  • Art Miller, M4 Sherman

Best of Show Automotive

Sponsored by Revell

 Dan Cozine, ’36 Chevy Coupe

Best of Show Ships

Sponsored by Testors

  • Richard Sliwka, USS PCS-1386 Subchaser

Best of Show Figures

Sponsored by the Kennedy Family in memory of Edmund Kennedy

  • Gary Ruhnke, English Archer

People’s Choice Award

  • Jason Jones, USS Enterprise

Best Theme Award– Communist Bloc Party

  • Rodney Shackelford, Soviet Typhoon class submarine

Judges Grand Award

  • Kelly Quirk, F-16C Arctic Bandit

 Judges’ Raffle

Beginning in 2015, the IPMS Prison City Modelers decided to enter all out of chapter judges who assist us in judging our contest into a raffle for a gift certificate to Sprue Brothers, Liberty, MO.  This year’s winning judge was:

Matt Jacobson

We would like to thank all the others who assisted in the judging.



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