2015 IPMS Prison City Modelers Contest Results

Leavenworth Model Club contest results

19 Sept 2015

Thank you to all the modelers and vendors who came and made our show a success. Congratulations to all the winners.


A-1:  Biplanes
  • 1st place: Anna Leas, Albatross VII
  • 2nd place: Jarrod Both, DH Tigermoth
  • 3rd place: Bill Blackwood, Stearman PT-17
  • Honorable mention: Paul Sarbacker, Folker DR1
A-2a (contest split):  Single Engine Propeller Driven, 1/48 scale Allied
  • 1st place: Terry Barrow, PT-17 Stearman
  • 2nd place: Randy Fields, Spitfire Mk I
  • 3rd place: Jim Root, Hawker Hurricane
  • Honorable mention: Frank Holsburg, F6F-5 Hellcat
A-2b (contest split):  Single Engine Propeller Driven, 1/48 scale Axis
  • 1st place: Art Miller, ME-109K
  • 2nd place: Hugh Palmer, FW-109A-4
  • 3rd place: Joe Lotz, ME-109B
A-3:  Single Engine Jet Powered, 1/48 scale
  • 1st place: Randy Fields, A4M Skyhawk
  • 2nd place: Frank Holsburg, Mirage 2000
  • 3rd place: Rodney Shackelford, Mirage
A-4:  Multi-Engine Aircraft, 1/48 scale
  • 1st place: Bill Pettyjohn, Grumman Goose
  • 2nd place: John Curatola, Beaufighter
  • 3rd place: Frank Holsburg, F5F
  • Honorable mention: Rodney Shackelford, F5A
A-5:  1/72 Scale Prop Driven Aircraft
  • 1st place: Jarrod Booth, Hawker Typhoon B
  • 2nd place: John Curatola, B-24C
  • 3rd place: John Lanning, SAAF Spitfire
A-6:  1/72 Scale Jet Powered Aircraft
  • 1st place: Jarrod Booth, DH Vampire
  • 2nd place: John Lanning, Tornado
  • 3rd place: Don Joy, MIG-17
A-7 1/32 Scale Aircraft
  • 1st place: Bill Pettyjohn, Arado AR196 on catapult
  • 2nd place: Steve Oakson, Curtiss Hawk
  • 3rd place: Doug Roberson, F-100D
A-8:  Rotary Wing, All Scales
  • 1st place: Joseph Hrenchir, CH-53 GA
  • 2nd place: Larry Hrenchir, UH-1D Huey
A-9 1/144 scale Aircraft
  • No entries
A-10 Civilian Aircraft, All Scales
  • No entries


B-1A: (contest split) Armored Fighting Vehicles, closed top, 1953 and earlier Axis

Sponsored by IPMS Fort Crook

  • 1st place: Richard Fischer, Panzer IVG
  • 2nd place: Art Miller, King Tiger
  • 3rd place: Jim Root, King Tiger
B-1B: (contest split) Armored Fighting Vehicles, closed top, 1953 and earlier Allied
  • 1st place: Paul Reeb, Vickers MK VI
  • 2nd place: Adrian Hall, Tortoise Super Heavy Tank
  • 3rd place: Jeff Cadenhead, ISU-152-2
  • Honorable mention: Richard Fischer, Cromwell MK 4
B-2:  Armored Fighting Vehicles, closed top, post-1953

Sponsored by IPMS Moss, Branson, MO

  • 1st place: Adrian Hall, Centurian MK 5/1
  • 2nd place: Jeff Cadenhead, M60A1 Magach
  • 3rd place: Scott Johnson, Magach 6B
  • Honorable mention: Terry Barrow, M103 Bulldog
B-3:  Armored Fighting Vehicles, open top, 1953 and earlier
  • 1st place: Scott Johnson, Nashorn
  • 2nd place: Don Barry, FlakPanzer 38
  • 3rd place: Terry Barrow, Leopard VK1200
  • Honorable mention: John Charvat, M10 Tank Destroyer
B-4:  Armored Fighting Vehicles, open top, post-1953
  • 1st place: Adrian Hall, AUF-1 French SPG
B-5:  Towed Artillery, Missiles, and Rail-mounted Guns
  • 1st place: Joe Lotz, 40mm Bofors
  • 2nd place: Rodney Shackelford, SA-2
B-6:  Armored Half-tracks and Wheeled Armored Vehicles
  • 1st place: Art Miller, SdKfz 251
  • 2nd place: Curt Pangracs, M1113 Stryker
  • 3rd place: Gary Owsley, BTR-70E
B-7:  Soft Skin Military Vehicles
  • 1st place: Mark Gerges, M151 Jeep and trailer, 3rd Armored Division 1985
  • 2nd place: Hugh Palmer, Ford Mutt with trailer
  • 3rd place: Rene Webber, US Army Jeep
B-8:  Small Scale Military Vehicles
  • 1st place: Joe Lotz, King Tiger
  • 2nd place: John Schansot, Armored Draisine
  • 3rd place: Adrian Hall, M1 Abrams


C-1:  Replica Stock
  • 1st place: Mike Baugher, ’60 Ford Starliner
  • 2nd place: Robert Perillo, ’67 Chevelle
  • 3rd place: Dan Cozine, ’71 Ford pick-up

 C-2:  Street Rods and Street Machines

  • 1st place: Rod Cook, ’69 Dodge Charger
  • 2nd place: Dan Cozine, ’66 El Camino
  • 3rd place: Rodger Kappler, ’57 Ford Fairlane 500
C-3:  Custom Auto
  • 1st place: Rod Cook, ’49 Mercury Woody pick-up
C-4:  Curbside
  • 1st place: Robert Folden, ’63 split window Corvette
C-5:  Motorcycles
  • 1st place: Joe Lotz, Suzuki Hayabusa
  • 2nd place: Vern Lyon, ’81 Kawasaki KR-1000
C-6:  Competition
  • 1st place: Dan Cozine, Lotus ‘49
  • 2nd place: Rod Cook, ’48 Chevy Salt Flats racer
  • 3rd place: Vern Lyon, Geo Storm funny car
C-7:  Miscellaneous
  • 1st place: Robert Perillo, ’63 International Emeryville


D-1:  Humans (Mounted or Unmounted), 54mm and Smaller
  • 1st place: Rick Brownlee, Russian tank infantry
D-2:  Humans (Mounted or Unmounted), Larger than 54mm
  • 1st place: Don Barry, Kharkov After the Battle
  • 2nd place: Bob Rielly, US Paratrooper
D-3:  Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Monsters
  • 1st place: Randy Fields, Mistress Karnstein vampire
  • 2nd place: Mike Seek, Robby and Altira movie poster edition
  • 3rd place: Doug Hall, Alien
D-4:  Busts
  • 1st place: Terry Barrow, Templar knight
  • 2nd place: Paul Sarback, Celtic Warrior
  • 3rd place: Bob Rielly, British Commando


E-1:  Space and Sci-Fi, all scales
  • 1st place: Terry Barrow, Tomahawk
  • 2nd place: Don Joy, USS Enterprise, NCC-1701E
  • 3rd place: Mike Seek, Seaview


F-1:  1/350 Scale and Larger
  • 1st place: Richard Sliwka, USS Gantier Fast Attack Transport
  • 2nd place: Hugh Palmer, CA35 USS Indianapolis and I-68
  • 3rd place: Robert Irving, CSA Hunley
F-2:  1/351 Scale and Smaller
  • 1st place: Robert Folden, IJN Yamato
  • 2nd place: Richard Sliwka, NS Savannah
  • 3rd place: Don Joy, USS Wasp CV-7


G-1:  Small Composition Dioramas

Sponsored by IPMS MOSS, Branson, MO

  • 1st place: Terry Barrow, Krieg Adler
  • 2nd place: Mark Gerges, Uninvited Guests- Cambrai November 1917.
  • 3rd place: Bob Rielly, British Paratroopers at Arnhem
G-2:  Large Composition Dioramas
  • 1st place: Jarrod Booth, BF-109E4 and Spitfire
  • 2nd place: Shelby Seelinger, F4F3 Wildcat on carrier deck
  • 3rd place: Steve Holden, Insurgent battle, Iraq
H:  JUNIORS (Age 17 and under)
  • 1st place: Garrett Matcheck, Panzer IV
  • 2nd place: Paul Curtis, Leopold 2 with snorkel
  • 3rd place: Josh Matcheck, Rafael
  • Honorable mention: Garrett Matcheck, Ghostbusters Photon pack
J:  Miscellaneous
  • 1st place: Scott Hackney, MIG-37 Ferret B
  • 2nd place: John Lanning, USS Enterprise, Winnebago edition
  • 3rd place: Mike Seek, Battlestar Galactica pistol

Best of Show Aircraft

Sponsored by Show Me State Modelers, West Central Missouri

 Bill Pettyjohn, Arado AR 196

Best of Show Military Vehicles

Sponsored by IPMS Fort Crook, Omaha, NE

  • Paul Reeb, Vickers Mk VI

Best of Show Automotive

Sponsored by IPMS Fort Crook, Omaha, NE

 Mike Baugher, ’60 Ford Starlinger

Best of Show Ships

Sponsored by IPMS MOSS, Branson, MO

 Richard Sliwka, USS Gantier, Fast Attack Ship

Best of Show Figures

Sponsored by IPMS MOSS, Branson, MO

  • Terry Barrow, Templar Knight

People’s Choice Award

  • Bill Pettyjohn, Arado AR 196 on catapult

Best Theme Award– 1940

  • Bill Pettyjohn, Arado AR 196 on catapult

Judges Grand Award

  • Mike Baugher, ’60 Ford Starliner

 Judges’ Raffle

Beginning in 2015, the IPMS Prison City Modelers decided to enter all out of chapter judges who assist us in judging our contest into a raffle for a gift certificate to Sprue Brothers, Liberty, MO. This year’s winning judge was:

Rod Cook, KC Slammers

We would like to thank all the others who assisted in the judging.


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