2014 IPMS Prison City Modelers Contest Results

Leavenworth Model Club contest results

20 Sept 2014

Thank you to all the modelers and vendors who came and made our show a success. There were 243 models and 56 modelers entered. Congratulations to all the winners.

Link to contest photos on IPMS website:



A-1. Biplanes

  • 1st place: Hugh Palmer, Swordfish Mk 1
  • 2nd place: Paul Kester, Neuport
  • 3rd place: Robert Lundboy, Neuport 17

A-2. 1:48th single engine prop driven

  • 1st place: Justin Corkin, Spitfire MK II
  • 2nd place: Jarrod Booth, Hawker Typhoon 16
  • 3rd place: Steve Rosario, P-51D

A-3. 1:48 single engine jet

  • 1st place: Kelly Quirk, F-104C Starfighter
  • 2nd place: Paul Kester, Vampire MK IX
  • 3rd place: Justin Corlson, HE-162

A-4. 1:48th multi-engine aircraft

  • 1st place: Bill Pettijohn, Bristol Blenheim
  • 2nd place: Justin Corlson, DO-335
  • 3rd place: Jarrod Booth, Ta-154

A-5a (contest split) 1:72nd jet aircraft

  • 1st place: Alan Milsap, ME-262A
  • 2nd place: John Lanning, A-10A Thunderbolt
  • 3rd place: Jeff Bobela, EA-18G

A-5b (contest split) 1/72 prop aircraft

  • 1st place: Jarrod Booth, Avro Lancaster Mk III
  • 2nd place: Jeff Bobela, A6M Zero
  • 3nd place: Paul Kester, Hurricane Mk IIc

A-6 1:32nd aircraft

  • 1st place: Bill Pettijohn, Type 96 Claude
  • 2nd place: Frank Holsburg, Ki-84
  • 3rd place: Doug Patterson, B-17G

A-7 1:144th aircraft

  • 1st place: Jarrod Booth, Grumman X-29

A-8 Civilian aircraft, all scales

  • 1st place: Jarrod Booth, DC-6
  • 2nd place: Paul Kester, Martin M-130 China Clipper
  • 3rd place: Kevin Iutzeler, T-6 Air Racer

A-9 rotary wing, all scales

  • 1st place: John Lanning, Mi-24V


B-1 AFV closed top, 1953 and earlier

sponsored by IPMS MOSS

  • 1st place: Mark Gerges, Neubaufahrzeug 1940
  • 2nd place: Jeff Pervier, Char B1 bis
  • 3rd place: Scott Johnson, Panther G

B-2 AFV, closed top, post 1953

  • 1st place: Scott Johnson, Tiran 4
  • 2nd place: Kelly Quirk, M109A6 Paladin
  • 3rd place: Michael Beery, M60A1

B-3 AFV, open top, 1953 and earlier

  • 1st place: Mark Gerges, A7V
  • 2nd place: John Pilloni, M10 Tank Destroyer

B-4 AFV, open top, post-1953

  • 1st place: Michael Beery, M2 Bradley
  • 2nd place: Matt Cross, M2 Bradley

B-5 Towed Artillery, Missiles, and Rail Mounted Guns

  • 1st place: Jeff Pervier, 15cm Howitzer
  • 2nd place: Matt Cross, M-59 155mm cannon
  • 3rd place: Ed Burgess, Tayir as Salab (SA-2)

B-6 Wheeled Armor

  • 1st place: Rick Brownlee, 1920 Polish Armored Car
  • 2nd place: Greg Metge, SdKfz 263, 3rd Recon Bn, 21st Panzer Div
  • 3rd place: Jeff Pervier, SdKfz 251/1c

B-7 Soft Skins

  • 1st place: Nate Jones, M151A2 Jeep (82nd Airborne, Grenada)
  • 2nd place: Mark Gerges, M151A2 Jeep (3rd Armored Division, Germany 1985)

B-8 Small Scale Military

  • 1st place: Jeff Bobels, Jagdpanzer


C-1. Replica Stock

  • 1st place: Mark Johnson, ’70 Plymouth
  • 2nd place: Jerrad Braiuca, 2010 Camaro

C-2. Street Rods and Street Machines

Sponsored by IPMS-Moss, Branson

  • 1st place: Paul Kester, 1970 Dodge Coronet
  • 2nd place: Kevin Iutzeler, NASA GTO Pontiac
  • 3rd place: Mike Levens, ’69 Corvette

C-3. Custom auto

  • 1st place: Orbie Hardister, ’32 Ford two-door

C-4. Curb side

  • 1st place: Kevin Iutzeler, 1951 Chevy
  • 2nd place: Jerrald Braiuca, 2012 Corvette

C-5. Motorcycles

  • 1st place: Mike Levens, Silver Harley-Davidson

C-6 Competition

  • 1st place: Mike Levens, Mad Funny Car
  • 2nd place: Orbie Hardister, ’32 Ford
  • 3rd place: Garry Lee Olson, Kiss Monster Truck

C-7 Miscellaneous Automotive

  • 1st place: Ed Burgess, JGSDF Type 73
  • 2nd place: Kevin Iutzeler, Datson 240z
  • 3rd place: Garry Lee Olson, Desert Rat


D-1. Humans,53 mm and smaller

  • 1st place: John Casey, French WWI Pilot

D-2. Humans, 54mm and larger

  • No entries

D-3 Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Monsters

  • No entries

D-4 Busts

  • 1st place: Brooks Lyles, US Army Captain, Siberian Expedition
  • Honorable Mention: Brooks Lyles, BG Lewis Armistead

Space and Science fiction:

E-1. Space and Sci-Fi

  • 1st place: Steve Resario, USS Constellation
  • 2nd place: Jay Chaladek, Solva Lou
  • 3rd place: Alou Millsap, Jupiter C


F-1 Naval, 1/349th scale and larger

  • 1st place: Kelly Quirk, USS Missouri
  • 2nd place: Oren Long, USS Bounty

F-2a (contest split) Naval, 1/350th scale and smaller, WWII

  • 1st place: Richard Sliwka, USS Independence
  • 2nd place: Hugh Palmer, Z-38 German Destroyer
  • 3rd place: Brant Reinhard, USS Indianapolis

F-2a (contest split) Naval, 1/350th scale and smaller, Post WWII

  • 1st place: Richard Sliwka, USS Robert E. Peory
  • 2nd place: Alou Millsap, USS Long Beach
  • 3rd place: Scott Hackney, Type 21A German Submarine


G-1. Small Composition Diorama

  • 1st place: Nate Jones, Willie and Joe
  • 2nd place: Greg Metge, France 1940
  • 3rd place: John Casey, Union Artillery

G-2. Large Composition Diorama

  • 1st place: Randy Fields, “Go Ahead, Make My Day.”

Junior Class: (age 17 and below)

H-1. Juniors

  • 1st place: Zeth Gillotti, Purple STX
  • 2nd place: Joseph Hrencher, F-5E Tiger II
  • 3rd place: Paul Curtis, Tiger I

J-1 Miscellaneous

  • 1st place: Ed Burgess, Spark Mine Roller
  • 2nd place: John Lanning, Intergalactic Road Rage

Contest Special Awards:

Best in Show Aircraft: Bill Pettijohn, Bristol Blenheim

Sponsored by IPMS-MOSS, Branson.

Best in Show Armor: Scott Johnson, Tiran 4

Sponsored by IPMS Fort Crook, Omaha.

Best in Show Automotive: Kevin Iutzeler, 1951 Chevy

Best in Show Figures: John Casey, French WWI Pilot

Sponsored by KC Slammers.

 Best in Show Ships: Richard Sliwka, USS Independence

Best the Great War (2014 Theme Award): Mark Gerges, A7V German Tank

The Judges’ Grand Award (Best in Show): Richard Sliwka, USS Independence

People’s Choice Award: All people walking into the venue received a ballot to vote for their favorite. Kelly Quirk, USS Missouri

If you notice any mistakes, please email the webmaster to correct them. Congratulations to all our winners!

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  1. Best in Show Automotive: Kevin Intzeller, 1951 Chevy
    ??any chance you could correct my name to Iutzeler?? You have it spelled wrong in the automotive categories, but spelled right in aircraft ((Check in A-8)) Thanks in advance.

    1. Kevin, thanks for catching that– I spelled it right once, but wrong about five times! I’ve corrected them now.

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