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 Leavenworth Model Club contest results

21 Sept 2013

Thank you to all the modelers and vendors who came and made our show a success. There were 243 models and 56 modelers entered. Congratulations to all the winners.


A-1. Biplanes

sponsored by IPMS Fort Crook (Omaha)

  • 1st place: Paul Kester, Gloster Gladiator
  • 2nd place: Paul Sarbacker, Fokker DR-1
  • 3rd place: Tim Fincham, Fokker E-111

A-2. 1:48th single engine prop driven

  • 1st place: Paul Kester, Lysander Mk III
  • 2nd place: Jarrod Booth, spitfire MK VII
  • 3rd place: Scott Hackney, MQ-9 Reaper

A-3. 1:48 single engine jet

  • 1st place: Darren Roberts, A-4A Skyhawk
  • 2nd place: Paul Kester, F-106
  • 3rd place: Hugh Palmer, F8F-5P

A-4. 1:48th multi-engine aircraft

  • 1st place: Kelly Quirk, EA-18G Growler
  • 2nd place: Darren Roberts, F-4B Phantom II
  • 3rd place: Frank Holsburg, F-15E Strike Eagle

A-5a (contest split)  1:72nd prop aircraft

  • 1st place: Jarrod Booth, P-51D Mustang
  • 2nd place: JW Dirkse, Ki-44II “Tojo”
  • 3rd place: Jeff Bobela, A6M
  • Honorable Mention: Shane Curtis, Tempest Mk V

A-5b (contest split) 1/72 jet aircraft

  • 1st place: Jeff Bobla, RoK F-4
  • 2nd place: Jarrod Booth, Hawker Sea Harrier
  • 3nd place: John Casey, A-7E
  • Honorable Mention: Don Joy, F-16 Aigle

A-6 1:32nd aircraft

  • 1st place: Steve Siebers, FW-190A7

A-7 1:144th aircraft

  • 1st place: Randy Fields, C-47
  • 2nd place: John Casey, F-16

A-8 Civilian aircraft, all scales

  • 1st place: Jarrod Booth, Hawker Sidney Trident

A-9 rotary wing, all scales

  • 1st place: JW Dirkse, AH-64A
  • 2nd place: Steve Rosairo, MI-24 Hind D
  • 3rd place: Glen Tisdale, HNS-1 Hoverfly


B-1a (contest split)  1:48th and smaller closed top, 1953 and earlier

sponsored by IPMS Fort Crook (Omaha)

  • 1st place: Chris Tisdale, M4A1 Sherman
  • 2nd place: Hugh Palmer, King Tiger
  • 3rd place: Randy Fields, M4A3 Sherman

B-1b (contest split). 1:35th scale military vehicles, closed top, 1953 and earlier

  • 1st place: Scott Connors, SU-152
  • 2nd place: Daryl Rhodes, KV-185
  • 3rd place: Bob Kerr, M4A3E2 Jumbo Sherman
  • Honorable Mention: John Case, Mk A Whippet

B-2. AFV, closed top, post 1953

  • 1st place: Kelly Quirk, M2A2 Bradley
  • 2nd place: Terry Barrow, M51 Isherman
  • 3rd place: Scott Johnson, Merkava, MK 3D

B-4. AFV, open top 1953 and earlier

  • 1st place: Randy Fields, M-10
  • 2nd place: Scott Hackney, Mobelwagon
  • 3rd place: Terry Barrow, Universal Carrier
  • Honorable Mention: Scott Johnson, Stug III

B-4. AFV open top post 1953

  • no entries

B-5. Towed Artillery, Missiles, and Rail-mounted.

  • 1st place: Daryl Rhodes, German artillery
  • 2nd place: Mike Seek, Atomic Annie

B-6 Armored Halftracks and Wheeled Armor

sponsored by Brett Sauer

  • 1st place: Steve Finley, Buffalo MPCV
  • 2nd place: Scott Connor, 250/8 Stummel
  • 3rd place: Shane Curtis, BRDM-2

B-7 Soft Skins

  • 1st place: Roger Sams, Simca-5
  • 2nd place: Randy Fields, WM1K Land Rover
  • 3rd place: Steve Finley, Supacat Jackal

B-8 Small Scale Military

  • 1st place: Terry Barrow, Panzer III
  • 2nd place: Kent Kirkpatrick, Italian C1 Ariete
  • 3rd place: Shane Curtis, Leopard 1A5


C-1. Replica Stock

  • 1st place: Rod Cook, ’57 Chevy
  • 2nd place: Alyn Loya, ’37 Chevy Coupe
  • 3rd place: Bob Floder, Cobra
  • Honorable Mention: Gina Davis, ’63 Corvette

C-2. Street Rod and Street Machine

  • 1st place: Rod Cook, Deuce Coupe
  • 2nd place: Terry Barrow, Speed Demon
  • 3rd place: Alyn Loya, ’23 Model T
  • Honorable Mention: Dan Cozine, Phantom Impala Wagon

C-3. Custom auto

  • 1st place: Rod Cook, ’48 Ford Custom
  • 2nd place: Steve Barnes, Radical Custom
  • 3rd place: Chris Keehl, Acura ENT, Type R
  • Honorable Mention: Jerry Mounce, ’41 Plymouth

C-4. Curb side

  • 1st place: Chris Keehl, Escalade
  • 2nd place: Steve Barnes, ’57 Chrysler 300
  • 3rd place: Jerrald Braiuca, ’69 Camaro

C-5. Motorcycles

  •       1st place: Vern Lyon, Marlboro

C-6a (contest split) Competition Drag

  • 1st place: Bill Davis, California Charger Rail
  • 2nd place: Rod Cook, Altered Sedan
  • 3rd place: Dan Cozine, Tommy Ijo Rail
  • Honorable Mention: Rod Holman, Camaro Promood

C-6b (contest split) Competition Other

  • 1st place: Chris Keehl, Nissan Skyline
  • 2nd place: Paul Kester, Miller Mustang
  • 3rd place: Cary Oldon, USA-I Monster Truck

C-7 miscellaneous auto

  • 1st place: Alyn Loya, ’25 Model T tow truck
  • 2nd place: Kevin Long, ’25 Model T fire truck
  • 3rd place: Ed Burgess, Steampunk Bus
  • Honorable Mention: Larry Todd, 26′ Mack Logging Truck


D-1. Humans,53 mm and smaller

  • 1st place: Randy Fields, Top Gun pilot, 1985
  • 2nd place: Kevin Tisdale, Steampunk Arielle
  • 3rd place: Ben Nagy, Panzer Crew at Rest

D-2. Humans, 54mm and larger

  • 1st place: Bob Rielly, US Paratrooper
  • 2nd place: Rob Polden, Judge Dredd
  • 3rd place: Glenn Tisdale, Lieutenant, Washington Light Artillery

D-3 Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Monsters

  • 1st place: Roger Sams, MaK Raptor
  • 2nd place: Randy Fields, Wyatt Werewolf
  • 3rd place: Kevin Tinsdale, Ferral Warp Wolf
  • Honorable Mention: Rob Folden, Iron Man MK III and War Machine

D-4 Busts

  • 1st place: Paul Sarbacker, Ernst Udet
  • 2nd place: Darryl Rhodes, German Tank Commander
  • 3rd place: Tim Fincham, MG Burnsides

Space and Science fiction:

E-1. Space and Sci-Fi

  • 1st place: Steve Resario, Cardassian Galor Class Battleship
  • 2nd place: Ed Burgess, Waldo Airship
  • 3rd place: Chris Knutsen, Shinden Armor
  • Honorable Mention: Mike Seek, Lost in Space Jupiter II


F-1a.(contest split) Naval, 1/72nd scale

  • 1st place: Doug Robertson, USS Scorpion
  • 2nd place: Mike Seek, USS Skipjack

F-1b. (contest split) Naval, 1/400th scale and larger

  • 1st place: Hugh Palmer, IJN Mikuma
  • 2nd place: Richard Sliwka, USS Green Bay
  • Honorable Mention: Richard Sliwka, Surcouf French Submarine


G-1. Small Composition Diorama

  • 1st place: Bob Rielly, USMC Sniper Team
  • 2nd place: Steve Finley, “No Man’s Land,” Talon EOD Robot
  • 3rd place: Roger Sams, “Schnell! Schnell!”
  • Honorable Mention: Larry Todd, Draco from Dragon Heart

G-2. Large Composition Diorama

  • 1st place: Mark Gerges, Maintenance in Ukraine 1941, T-35 crew
  • 2nd place: Darryl Rhodes, German Infantry
  • 3rd place: Tim Fincham, Paratrooper

Junior Class: (age 17 and below)

H-1. Juniors, Aircraft

  • 1st place: Paul Curtis, Nakajima J1N1-S Irving
  • 2nd place: Joseph Hrencher, Mosquito

H-2. Juniors, All Others

  • 1st place: Paul Curtis, #20 home Depot Pontiac
  • 2nd place: Curtis Barrow, Landspeeder

Miscellaneous Class

J-1 Miscellaneous

  • 1st place: Darryl Rhodes, all-metal 88mm towed AT gun
  • 2nd place: Glenn Tisdale, RG&W railroad caboose

 Contest Special Awards:

Best in Show Aircraft: Kelly Quirk, 1/48 EA-18G Growler

                Sponsored by IPMS Fort Crook, Omaha.

 Best in Show Armor: Kelly Quirk, 1/35 M2A2 Bradley


 Best in Show Automotive: Bill Davis, California Charger Dragster

              Sponsored by KC Slammers.

 Best in Show Figures: Roger Sams, MaK Raptor

Best in Show Ships: Hugh Palmer, IJN Mikuma

              Sponsored by IPMS Fort Crook Omaha

Best Fabulous Fifties (2013 Theme Award): Rod Cook, ’57 Chevy

 The Judges’ Grand Award (Best in Show): Bill Davis, California Charger Dragster

People’s Choice Award: All people walking into the venue received a ballot to vote for their favorite. Mike Seek, Lost in Space Jupiter II

If you notice any mistakes, please email the webmaster to correct them.  Congratulations to all our winners!

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