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 contest results

22 Sept 2012

Thank you to all the modelers and vendors who came and made our show a success. There were 186 models and nearly 50 modelers entered. Congratulations to all the winners.


 A-1. 1:49thand smaller prop driven

  • 1st place: JW Dirsk, FW 200 Condor
  • 2nd place: Paul Kester, Douglas World Cruiser
  • 3rd place: Brooks Lyles, Fokker DVIII
  • Honorable Mention: Neil Bable, E-2 Hawkeye

 A-2. 1:48th prop driven, WWI Biplanes

  • 1st place: Brooks Lyles, Nieuport Ni-17
  • 2nd place: Paul Sarbacker, Fokker DR.1
  • 3rd place: Tom Burns, Fokker DR.1
  • Honorable Mention: Tim Fincham, Fokker E III

 A-2a (split) from A-2 1:48th scale Blue Aircraft

  • 1st place: Ron Denning, Kingfisher OS2U
  • 2nd place: Paul Kester, F6F-5 Hellcat
  • 3rd place: Tom Burns, F6F-5 Hellcat
  • Honorable Mention: Randy Fields, F4U-1D Corsair              

 A-2b (split) from A-2 1:48th single engine aircraft

  • 1st place: Kelly Quirk, A-1H Skyraider
  • 2nd place: Frank Holsburg, FW190A8
  • 3rd place: Tom Burns, Spirit of St Louis
  • Honorable Mention: Paul Kestor, TBD Devastator      

A-2c (split) from A-2 1:48th scale multi-engine aircraft

  • 1st place: Bill Pettyjohn, Lancaster B-2
  • 2nd place: Darren Roberts, E-2B Hawkeye
Note—due to an error on our part, we inadvertently judged an aircraft in two of the split categories. We have notified the individual concerned and vacated his trophy and moved Darren Roberts to his rightful position within the category. We apologize for this mistake.

 A-3. 1:47thand larger prop driven

  • 1st place: Steve Siebers, A-1 Skyraider
  • 2nd place: Steve Ringlein, Spitfire
  • 3rd place: Ron Denning, Tiger Cat

 A-4. 1:49thand smaller jet

  • 1st place: JW Dirkse, Vought F711-3
  • 2nd place: Larry Mann, SR-71 Blackbird
  • 3rd place: Don Joy, F102A Delta Dagger
  • Honorable Mention: Tim Fincham, F-100

 A-5. 1:48thjets

  • 1st place: Bill Pettyjohn, Sea Vixen
  • 2nd place: Kelly Quirk, F-15D Desert Flanker
  • 3rd place: Robert Folden, F-16I SUFA
  • Honorable Mention: Randy Fields, MIG-21 MF Polish Air Force

 A-6. 1:47thand larger jet

  • 1st place: Steve Ringlein, F14B
  • 2nd place: Ron Denning, MIG-17


 B-1. 1:35th scale and larger AFV through Korea

  • 1st place: Robert Folden, STUG III Ausf G
  • 2nd place: Daryl Rhoades, Panzer III Tauch
  • 3rd place: Paul Kestor, LVT-(a)1 Alligator
  • Honorable Mention: George Redden, Flak Panzer

 B-2. 1:36th scale and smaller AFV through Korea

  • 1st place: Glen Tisdale, M4 Sherman with dozer
  • 2nd place: Tim Fincham, Sherman

 B-3. 1:35th scale post Korea

  • 1st place: Shane Curtis, M1A1 with ACU camouflage
  • 2nd place: Tom Burns, M50 IDF I-Sherman
  • 3rd place: Rob Feehan, Chieftain MK 11

 B-4. Armor, Soft skin

  • 1st place: Terry Barrow, Pandhard armored car
  • 2nd place: Brooks Lyles, Kubelwagon
  • 3rd place: Scott Johnson, Opel Blitz

 B-5. Artillery—self-propelled, towed, railway guns, missiles

  • 1st place: Tom Burns, M12
  • 2nd place: Ed Burgess, 76mm Soviet gun
  • 3rd place: Brooks Lyles, 12lbs Napoleon and limber
  • Honorable Mention: Tom Burns, Leopold Railway gun

 B-6. Wheeled AFVs

  • 1st place: Tom Burns, Panhard armored car
  • 2nd place: Rob Feehan, Canadian LAV III
  • 3rd place: Cameron Murray, BRDM-2


 C-1. Replica Stock

  • 1st place: Larry Todd, 1950 Ford F1 Pickup
  • 2nd place: Terry Barrow, 1934 Duesenburg
  • Honorable Mention: Larry Todd, 1940 Ford Coca-Cola Coup

 C-2. Street Rod and Street Machine-no entries

 C-3. Custom auto

  • 1st place: Alyn Loya, ’62 Pontiac Catalina 

C-4. Curb side

  • 1st place: Brooks Lyles, Follow-Me Jeep
  • 2nd place: Mike Jackson, Standard Tilly Truck

 C-5. Automotive Miscellaneous

  •       1st place: Paul Kester, Mad Max Road Warrior
  •       2nd place: Mike Jackson, Austin Tilly Truck


 D-1. 53 mm and smaller

  • 1st place: George Redden, Gebirgs jaeger
  • 2nd place: Bernard Harris, Supply Wagon
  • 3rd place: Tim Fincham, Burnside bust

 D-2. 54mm and larger

  • 1st place: Glenn Tisdale, B-17 Waist Gunner
  • 2nd place: Larry Todd, Wolf Girl
  • 3rd place: Robert Folden, Samurai Warrior
  • Honorable Mention: Rick Brownlee, WWII British Scout

 Space and Science fiction:

 E-1. All scales

  • 1st place: Terry Barrow, TW-47 Krote
  • 2nd place: Chris Knudtson, Swordfish II
  • 3rd place: Doug Hall, Martian
  • Honorable Mention: Ron Denning, V-2


 F-1. All scales

  • 1st place: Richard Sliwka, USS Worcester
  • 2nd place: Carl Musselman, USS Glover
  • 3rd place: Hugh Palmer, Cruiser Mogami
  • Honorable Mention: Richard Sliwka, USS Tampa Coast Guard Cutter


 G-1. Small diorama

  • 1st place: Nate Jones, L-4 Grasshopper
  • 2nd place: Randy Fields, M3 Stuart
  • 3rd place: George Redden, Bugs Bunny

 G-2. Large diorama

  • 1st place: Myron Schmidt, Lockheed U-2
  • 2nd place: George Redden, New Blood
  • 3rd place: Darryl Rhodes, 1944 Western Front

 Junior Class: (age 17 and below)

H-1. Air and Sc-Fi

  • 1st place: Garret Matcheck, Hurricane
  • 2nd place: Evan Moriarty, Huey
  • 3rd place: Paul Curtis, B-1

 H-2. Ships

  • 1st place: Paul Curtis, USS Missouri

 Contest Special Awards:

 Best in Show Aircraft: Bill Pettyjohn, 1:48th scale Lancaster B-2

                Sponsored by Dad’s Toys, Leavenworth, Kansas.

 Best in Show Armor: Robert Folden, 1:35th scale STUG III Ausf G

              Sponsored by the Alternative Modeling Society of Oklahoma (AMSO).

 Best in Show Automotive: Alyn Loya, 1:25th scale ’62 Pontiac Catalina

              Sponsored by Sprue Brothers, Liberty Missouri.

 Best in Show Figures: Glenn Tisdale, B-17 Waist Gunner

 Best in Show Ships: Richard Sliwka, USS Worcester

Best Horse of a Different Color (2012 Theme Award): Tom Burns, M50 IDF I-Sherman

 The Judges’ Grand Award (Best in Show): Bill Pettyjohn, 1:48th scale Lancaster B-2

People’s Choice Award: All people walking into the venue received a ballot to vote for their favorite. Bill Pettyjohn, 1:48th scale Lancaster B-2)

If you notice any mistakes, please email the webmaster to correct them.  Congratulations to all our winners!

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