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Chapter meeting– contest prep

We are one month away from our 16 September show! Planning is going well– 18 vendor tables sold, trophy sponsorships coming in, and a couple of demos being planned include Tru-Colors new military paint line and a possible 3-D printing display. We have a great meeting planned for tonight, and will finalize our contest theme for 2018–so you can start building for next year.

We’d like to also like to thank some of our recent sponsors–IPMS Fort Crook who is sponsoring the Best of Armor trophy, and A-5:  Prop Driven Aircraft, 1/72 scale.  Tru-Colors Paints out of Phoenix, AZ is issuing a new military colors line in late 2017, and has provided paints samples for the raffle as well as for a demo at the contest of the new military line.

Thanks to all, and hope to see you at the chapter meeting.



Chapter meeting and 16 September contest

Hello all– just a reminder that our March meeting is just around the corner, on Wednesday, 15 March at 7:00 p.m.  We will discuss the results of the chapter’s entries in the IPMS Great Plains-KCAMPS contest this weekend (hint: we did great– congratulations to everyone who went).

One of the major goals of the meeting is discussing the final categories for the 16 September show.  We will finalize those, as well as get a flyer on the website in the next few weeks.  The theme is set– 1967, so get building!

Hope to see you Wednesday.

Wow, has it really been five months?

I have to apologize for not updating this website sooner.  In my defense, it has been a busy time (house fire in January kind of changed my priorities for a while) but that is not a good excuse.

Just to bring everyone up to date–the Prison City Modelers are doing great, we meet next Wednesday, May 18th at the Leavenworth Public Library.  We’ll have a demonstration on the use of Clay Shay, an Aves product, as well as displaying our Communist bloc models that we built as part of the club build.

Also check out our newsletter next week.  We’ve added a few new sections, including a buy, sell, trade, or give away for free section!  As always, we’ll have a recap of the last meeting, Jayhawk Journal, and other interesting articles.  If you’ve missed our past issues, here is a link to past issues: click here

Hope you can make it, and bring what ever is on your workbench!


November meeting and new newsletters

The monthly meeting of the IPMS Prison City Modelers will be Wednesday, 20 November at 7:00 P.M. in the Leavenworth Public Library.  We have the room starting at 6:30, so some early if you want some more time to discuss the latest projects.

The monthly newsletter for October and November are now posted on our site. You can access them here.  If you’d like to be added to our monthly newsletter distro list, please send me an email.

Hope to see you at the meeting,



September meeting reminder and newsletter

Hello, the September meeting of the IPMS Prison City Modelers will be Wednesday, 16 September at 7:00 p.m. at the Leavenworth Public Library.  We’ll be preparing for the contest on Saturday (have we mentioned that before?) as well as conducting a judging clinic and our normal “Show What Ya’ Brung.”

To give you something to do until then, this month’s newsletter is now post on our website here.

Hope to see you at the meeting Wednesday, and even more importantly, at out show on Saturday.  Doors open at 9:00 a.m. for registration!

Chapter meeting, 18 June

Well, despite our meeting day being the 199th anniversary of Wellington’s defeat of Napoleon at Waterloo, somehow we Bonapartists will pull ourselves together for our monthly chapter meeting.

We have a lot going on.  Doug Hall will do the demo on his using paperclips to reinforce plastic pieces, and we’ll be discussing the various contests that our club members went to over the last few weeks and their results.  We’ll also discuss our contest, and nail down some final details.  And don’t forget to bring those models you are working on, or just completed– we love to see other modelers’ work and get some inspiration.

You may also notice a few minor changes to the website as I play with the format to improve its readability.  We have also added a work in progress build log by Curt Pangracs as he works on Meng’s new M2A3 Bradley.

Hope to see you all at the meeting!

April meeting, 17 April

Just a reminder that our monthly meeting is Wednesday, 17 April at 7:00.

from our president, Shane:

Just a quick note to remind everyone about our monthly meeting this week on Wednesday.  A few of us will be meeting a half-hour early, at 6:30 PM, to discuss categories for our upcoming contest.  I want to do this outside of our normal meeting time because I know that it can be a little tedious when we spend too much meeting time on contest topics, even though they are necessary.  If you want to come early and join us, you are more than welcome.  My goal is to quickly work through the categories and come up with a draft category list, which I will send out to everyone for discussion before we finalize it.

I’d like for everyone to come to this month’s meeting with an idea of something you’d like to learn more about–it could be very general, like how to apply decals or how to use the internet for research, or it could be very specific, like how do you tell the difference between an M4A3E2 “Jumbo” Sherman and an M4A3E8 “Easy Eight” Sherman.  We’ll throw the topics around and recruit someone to put together a demo on these ideas.

Hope to see you all there!