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Weekend Build Ready for Decals

Weekend BuildLeft SideRight Side Three Pictures of my ‘weekend build’  Took longer then a weekend but was happy overall with the quality of the Edmond Weekend Build Kit.  Parts fit well together and instructions were understandable.

Still the canopy and the undercarriage cause me problems.  I built it first then painted it.  Mixed feelings about building first then painting.  Though it fits together nicely that way painting, and the handling of the model was something I did not like.  I used gloves to avoid finger oil on the model, which helped a little.  Painting the details after built was a challenge, but that but will continue to improve as I build more models.  Now to add the decals.

Building Models of different quality

I have found that building older models that I moved all over the place while I was in the military, provides me a chance to work on many skills newer models do not. Some include making new pieces, heavy filler work, sanding (A Lot), figuring out what the instruction sheet really is trying to tell and show you buy the printing, and the recovery of old decals.
I am not complaining, rather I am taking these efforts as training sessions so when I work on newer models with new aspects, I am rather founded in the basics of model building.
Wondering what other people think about building older kits and if there is any value in building them at all?