Next meeting, 18 Jan at 7:00 p.m.

Our January meeting is right around the corner on Wednesday, 18 January at 7:00 pm at the Leavenworth Public Library.  Congratulations to the new club officers– president Ron Reynolds, vice president Shane Curtis, treasurer JW Dirske, and secretary Mark Gerges. Joining the board is a new position– newsletter editor Gary Ruhnke. 

Thanks go to last year’s board, particularly outgoing president Ed Burgess and vp Rick Brownlee.  Ed was the president for the past two years, and gave the club some continuity as we grew as well as a dry sense of humor.

The 18 January meeting will have the normal “Show What ya’ Brung” as well as a demo on the hairspray technique for chipping paint on heavily weathered models. We hope you can make it.

2 thoughts on “Next meeting, 18 Jan at 7:00 p.m.”

  1. Last night’s meeting was a very productive and well attened meeting. The demo and the show and tell was quality all the way around.

    1. I agree– a good meeting. Funny how we had a great turnout the one time they screwed up our room reservation! Glad you liked the demo.

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