We’re back!

Leavenworth KanasIPMS Prison City Modelers are back! You’ll notice a new website (without much content right now) but keep checking back over the next few days for more information on our 24 September 2011 contest. Until then, finish your projects- the Nationals are just around the corner.

Our next meeting is 17 August at the Leavenworth Public Library. We’ll be discussing the upcoming contest in September, as well as having a technique demo and “show what ya’ brung” to show off what we are working on. Modelers of all ages are welcome.  Hopefully we’ll have some trophies and war stories from the Nationals to share too!


2 thoughts on “We’re back!”

  1. Wow, the updated web site really looks great. And there are so many aspects of
    it re sponsorship, photos of the awards, etc. that is way better than most of the
    contest web sites I have seen. Kudos to Dr. Mark Gerges and the entire membership
    of IPMS Prison City Modelers.


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